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Adult Medicine Concierge

Adult Medicine Concierge provides attentive, compassionate care to our patients in the Jupiter, Florida area. Below are some frequently asked questions about our practice and concierge medicine. For more information about concierge medicine benefits or to become a member, call our office (561) 745-7878.


How is your concierge practice different from your traditional practice?

A concierge medical practice is limited in size to several hundred patients, rather than several thousand. Having fewer patients allows Dr. Lopez to offer same-day or next-day appointments with little or no waiting time, longer visits that are never rushed, access to the doctor on her cell phone 24/7, and other important healthcare amenities.

In addition to Dr. Lopez’s cell phone number, you will receive other private office phone numbers to connect with the doctor and any staff. If Dr. Lopez is with a patient when you call, her staff can take a detailed message and she will return your call in between appointments, ensuring that your question or issue is addressed in a timely fashion. 

What is the objective of concierge medicine?

Dr. Lopez's goal is to provide highly personalized primary medical care for concierge members. By limiting the number of members, the average number of patients seen each day is fewer than five, compared to 25 with conventional medical practices. The average visit will last 30 minutes or more if needed.

Dr. Lopez wants to ensure that members are completely satisfied, and she will achieve this by offering 24/7 access to her services and unhurried visits.

What are Dr. Lopez’s qualifications?

Dr. Lopez is board certified and fully licensed. She also is a member of the American College of Physicians. She has been practicing in the Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens area and serving the community since 1998.

What’s involved in the executive-level annual health exam?

The executive-level physical is a comprehensive exam that goes well beyond the typical physical. Dr. Lopez can then offer recommendations for a “lifestyle plan” to ensure you live your healthiest life. You will also be able to review your records and any tests through our secure online patient portal at any time. 

Why should I join a concierge practice?

As a member, you receive a number of benefits not available to other patients, such as an executive-level health exam and 24/7 acess to Dr. Lopez, with longer office visits.

By spending more time with you, Dr. Lopez has a greater opportunity to diagnose and treat medical conditions in the early stages when they are potentially curable and before they progress to advanced illness or disease. The earlier Dr. Lopez can diagnose a medical condition, the less likely you are to end up in the hospital or chronically ill. You can also minimize days lost at work as well as medical complications. 

Dr. Lopez will also work with you to proactively manage your health and help you live a longer and healthier life. In short, our goal is to create health rather than treat illness.

Can other members of my family benefit from my membership?

Spouses are considered individual patients. However, your membership entitles any adult children age 18 to 25 to receive medical care from Dr. Lopez. She will also see family and friends over the age of 18 who are visiting from out-of-town who need medical attention. A fee per service will be applied where appropriate. 

Are you accepting new members?

Yes, we are currently accepting new members. Once we reach 400 patients, a waiting list will be implemented. 

Why do you limit the number of concierge members?

Dr. Lopez accepts a limited number of members to ensure she has plenty of time to devote to each patient and can offer personal attention for all our members.


How much is your membership fee and what does it cover?

The membership fee for an individual to join our practice is $3,000. As a member, you have access to all the benefits and personalized services outlined in your contract, including your annual executive-level health exam. However, you will still need traditional health insurance to pay for any medically necessary services, which means you will still be responsible for paying any applicable deductibles or co-payments.

Is there a agreement form that outlines the benefits and services I will receive?

Yes, you will receive and sign an agreement that lists the services included in your membership, along with the payment terms. 

As a concierge member, do I still need health insurance?

Yes. Concierge membership is NOT health insurance and does not cover any medically necessary services. You must maintain health insurance to pay for your healthcare expenses.

Will you still bill my health insurance plan for my office visits?

Yes, if applicable. In addition, you will still be responsible for any necessary co-payments or deductibles.

Will I still have a co-pay for an office visit?

Yes, members are still responsible for all co-pays, fees, and deductibles for routine office visits EXCEPT for the annual executive-level health exam, which is included in the membership fee.

Will you still accept Medicare?

Yes, Dr. Lopez will still be a participating provider for Medicare.

If I have Medicare, can I still join Adult Medicine Concierge?

Yes. If you have Medicare, you can still receive all of the same concierge services that Dr. Lopez provides to non-Medicare patients.

Do you accept Medicaid?

We do not accept Medicaid at this time.

Is the membership fee covered by my insurance plan?

No, the membership fee is completely separate. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Will my health insurance plan reimburse my annual concierge membership fee?

Probably not. However, certain Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans may reimburse for all or part of the membership fee. You should check with your human resources representative or HSA or FSA plan manager to find out.

Is the concierge membership fee tax deductible?

Check with your tax advisor or accountant to find out whether the membership fee may be tax deductible. 

Does the membership fee cover any lab tests, X-rays, specialist fees, or hospitalizations?

No. Your annual membership fee pays for membership in the practice and the associated benefits. Procedures and services performed in any other medical office or facility will be billed by that provider or entity and covered by your insurance plan as specified. 

Are prescription medications included in the membership fee?

No, the annual fee only covers membership in the practice. It is your responsibility to pay for prescription medications. In most cases, they will be covered by your insurance plan(s). 

Do I still have to pay the annual fee even if I don't use your services?

Yes. The annual fee provides for membership in the concierge practice. Even if you do not have any sick visits, Dr. Lopez recommends you take advantage of the annual executive-level health exam. She also encourages you to email her for appropriate, non-urgent medical questions.

Do you offer any payment options?

Annual membership fees are paid at the beginning of the membership period. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

If I leave your practice is the fee refundable?

If you have not received your executive health exam, you may receive a prorated refund minus a $300 administrative fee. If you have received your executive health exam, no refund is available.


How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, call our office at (561) 745-7878 between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

What are your office hours?

We are open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Weekend visits and house calls are scheduled on an “as needed” basis.

Who covers for Dr. Lopez when she is not available?

When Dr. Lopez is on vacation or unavailable, she will appoint a highly trained and qualified physician to provide call coverage for her. 

Will Dr. Lopez be able to see me if I am admitted to the hospital?

Yes. Dr. Lopez has admitting privileges at Jupiter Medical Center and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. If necessary, specialists will be called in to assist, and Dr. Lopez will coordinate and oversee each hospital admission. 

Will Dr. Lopez still provide referrals to specialists or surgeons?

Yes, Dr. Lopez will be happy to provide any necessary referrals, and you can see any specialist you wish. She can help you decide what specialists to see, coordinate the consultations, and send your medical information in advance of your specialist visit.

Can Dr. Lopez see me at my home or office?

Home or visits to other sites are determined by the circumstances of the patient, in the case of illness or convenience. New patient visits and annual physicals will always be conducted in the office.